I write VIXX scenarios/fanfiction...

I started out as a Leo fan because I like Taekwondo and he can do a 540 tornado kick and I can't. And because of various other reasons.

That being said, as a fan, I love all of VIXX equally - Njumma, SpecialKen, RAVEEEEEH, Kongbin, and TrollHyuk all have a place in my fangirl heart.

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I am a 93'er in case anyone was wondering.


N Likes You

"I like you."

You peek over at Hakyeon, who smiles shyly at the ground in front of him. His hands are folded in front of him like a good school boy and his tanned cheeks increasingly redden. You can feel him reaching his limit, ready to squeal and laugh and curl his fingers at his own mushiness. The image makes you chuckle in your head.

But then he raises his head with a solemn look and a set jaw. So unlike the cheery and agreeable Hakyeon you’ve grown to adore, so much more like the weary and responsibility-laden N you’ve grown to adore just as much.

"But… you should know…" he says with a soothing voice, like the one doctors use right before plunging the needle in.

"I won’t be able to hold your hand in public,” Hakyeon feels like he’s getting further, withdrawing physically and emotionally, “we won’t be able to eat lunch in your favourite restaurant, you won’t be able to tell your friends about -"

You can’t let him get away. Not this one. Not the One. You pounce.

"That doesn’t matter!" You say fiercely as you flatten your body against his frozen one. You bury your head against his neck - you can feel him heating up from the close contact, so you snuggle even closer.

You know the consequences and the stipulations – you’ve known them from the start. The only thing that matters is whatever this is between you two, that he likes you and…

"I like you too."

HyukHongbin | Ravi | Ken | Leo | N

leader cha finding the right camera in 0,001 seconds

leader cha finding the right camera in 0,001 seconds

leo & n being ridiculously cute with the kids (among other things)


What to do when there isn't something to throw?
    - Just take the sound system Leo-style...